Gold Monarch Healing Center is a haven of restoration and healing for the entire being… spirit, soul, and body.

We provide a full spectrum of healing care, believing that divine health encompasses every part of life. We offer seminars, conferences, spa treatments, personal ministry, and healing intensives. Come experience one of our Healing Intensives—providing specific ministry to the brokenness of the heart, spa treatments focusing on the release of trauma from the body, teachings on whole-hearted living, education on health and essential oils, personalized nutrition plans, live worship, as well as freshly prepared organic meals.

Relax in our prayer garden, or take a dip in the pool or hot tub. Stroll along and explore our gated property, or enjoy a bonfire by the pond under the Texas stars. If you’re longing for a life-changing getaway that just happens to heal your heart, refresh your soul, and equip you with the tools needed to live from a whole heart, then look no further.


Thrive “True Identity” Conference  – October 18-19, 2019

We are delighted to host a “True Identity” Conference with Amy Brown, right here at Gold Monarch! We want to invite you to join us this October! Registration is required to attend.

The Conference will be Friday – Saturday, October 18-19, from 9am-4:30pm at Gold Monarch Healing Center. If you have questions or want to register, email us at

Upcoming Events

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