Healing Intensives

August 10-13 Intensive Retreat (Wait List Only)                       September 21-24 Intensive Retreat                    September 27-30 Intensive Retreat                                                                         October 26-29 Intensive Retreat                                                November 15-18 Intensive Retreat                     November 25-28 Intensive Retreat                                                                           December 14-17 Intensive Retreat


Gold Monarch’s Healing Intensives are designed to target every component of life—the physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. When most people think about healing from pain or trauma, they first think about the heart—which is the most important component. But healing is about the total being, which is why our Healing Gatherings are a 3.5-day overall look at every part of life. Each person will receive ministry to the entire being, and then leave with a plan to maintain and then grow and mature into deeper freedom and intimacy.

HeartSync Training Seminar: January 2019

Gold Monarch is excited to host another HeartSync Seminar in January 2019. If you desire training to partner with God in ministering to the depths of people’s hearts, we would love to have you join us. Check back for dates and details as they are finalized! Email us at: goldmonarchhealingcenter@gmail.com if you have questions, or contact us through the link below.

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Day Packages

Would you like to enjoy Gold Monarch for the day? Our Gold Monarch Day Packages are designed as a quick way to cleanse your body, refresh your soul, heal your heart, and ignite your spirit. You will walk out with a plan of action to maintain the healing you received during your personal HeartSync ministry session. Contact us to find out what dates are available!

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Israel Tour: Spring 2019

Amy and David Black, of Gold Monarch Healing Center, and Father Andrew and Lisa Miller, of HeartSync Ministries, are so very excited to be leading a tour to Israel, March 14-24, 2019! We want to invite you to join us for this wonderful time in the land of the Prophets and our Lord Jesus. We will walk the streets and countryside, hear the sounds of the people, taste the delicious foods, see the sights and gain a marvelous sense of what it was like when God first spoke to Abraham and told him to go into the Promised Land.  We will stand where Biblical prophecies have been fulfilled in our lifetime.

This is the heritage of our faith as Christians. You will gain a deeper love and appreciation of the Jewish people through whom our Heavenly Father chose to reveal Himself and His deep love for all mankind. We will spend one night in Tel Aviv, 3 nights by the Sea of Galilee and 4 nights in Jerusalem. Email us at goldmonarchhealingcenter@gmail.com if you have questions, or contact us through the link below.

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